Constantly Not Working

Have a brand new Macbook Pro running Yosemite.

Every time I try to use Mousepose, it simply doesn’t work. I have to quit the app and restart it so that I can get it to function. What’s up? Everything in the settings is set properly.

This was often a problem for me as well on my old machine running Mavericks.
Anyone else have these kinds of problems? Are there any fixes?

I am having the same problem. I am using Yosemite on a Retina 27" iMac and nothing is happening when I click the app. Don’t see anything on Mouseposé about Yosemite problems.

The software is not working on Yosemite, period. I cannot understand why it is taking so long to fix it or why anyone at the company is not reaching out to the users. Companies lose their reputation with this type of indifference. Perhaps the company in under the illusion it is the only company with this type of software so it can ignore the customer.

Sorry for not seeing this earlier.
Yes, Mouseposé ist currently not functioning correctly under OS X 10.10. At the moment we don’t know yet why that is the case.
For “I cannot understand why it is taking so long to fix it”: We know that Apple conveys an image of “Making an app is super easy”, but actually it isn’t. If it was just a “recompile for Yosemite” button, we’d have an update out already. Mouseposé draws on top of the System User Interface and OS X 10.10 seems to have changed a lot here. What makes it worse is that it behaves quite erratic.

I am not naive to assume there is a “button” to push to make your software compatible with Yosemite. What I am aware of on my system, is that BONIX software is the only software that is not compatible on my system. All the other developers somehow found a way to upgrade their software to the Yosemite platform. That is the basis for my lack of understanding, not a “button” missing. I use Photoshop all the time for photo processing and it was a smooth transition.

Is there an ETA on when an update might be coming so that Mouseposé is compatible with Yosemite?

Still nothing? Are you going to issue refunds?