Connect mirrorless camera via HDMI

Giving MimoLive a try with three cameras connected: internal MacBook pro cam, iPhone via USB and an Olympus OM-D mirrorless via HDMI. The Olympus does not show up. What to do to make MimoLive recognize it (I guess the same goes for a DSLR camera)?

@Bengan, what are you using to connect the OM-D to the MacBook Pro?

@Bengan, are you connecting the Olympus camera to a built-in HDMI port in your MacBook Pro? If so, the HDMI port in the MacBook Pro is a video output only, not a video input. You could only connect TVs and monitors to that port, not cameras.

You would need to plug your Olympus camera into an HDMI input instead which would mean investing in an HDMI capture device like something from the BlackMagic Intensity series of HDMI capture devices in order to use that camera with your MacBook Pro.

I see… That makes sense. But this also means that using a HDMI-to-Thunderbolt adaptor in order to plug the camera to the TB port will not do the trick, either?

@Bengan Use a Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Recorder with Thunderbolt or a Magewell USB Capture HDMI with USB 3.

Thanks a lot. I´ll try one of those.