Connect HDMI to M2 MBP knocks out mimoCalls

I’m now using a MBP M2 Max OS Ventura and mimoLive 6.2. The show I’ve been doing successfully on my older MBP copied over fine and works 100% OK.


For my livestream I always have the MBP connected via HDMI to my video projector (not important why for this) via an HDMI-to-USB-C adaptor. The new MBP’s have an HDMI jack, and so when I ran a test on the show Saturday afternoon with 2 mimoCalls like usual, when I connected the projector (powered on) to the HDMI port on the MBP the program image of the mimoCall began to flicker lightly and very rapidly … and then the mimoCalls disconnected, I could not reconnect the mimoCalls.

I disconnected the projector, quit mimoLive, and tried again. Same thing happened.

I quit mimoLive once more, and then opened it and the show document back up, and then I connected the projector’s HDMI to the MBP using the HDMI-to-USB-C adaptor – and everything was fine, and the mimoCalls held.

This sounds like a bug. Anyone else experience this? @Oliver_Boinx any ideas what may be happening here?



I have no M2 to check this, but since about 1.5 years, the internal HDMI-out on the macBookProM1Max leads to strange behaviors. I cannot save screen positions of window capturings (multiple monitor configuration). I always have to set these by hand for elements on the external monitor, as soon as I open mimoLive. Somehow, macOS does a monitor-Lottery. The sorting is anyhow not consistent. Maybe this has something to do with. No solve, but maybe another part of the thatswhy-story.