Concerning running photo's randomly

Need to download several hundred photos after Golf tournament. As some shots, those of each group on the Tee, will be shot twice to have a better chance that everyone’s eyes are open and be duplicates I want the slides to run randomly as I won’t have time to do any editing. I also want to create a Title slide and an end slide. Will your SW allow me to run the photo’s randomly while giving me a title slide that runs first and an end slide that runs last??? When I try this in LR5 the title and end slides also run randomly, not good… Ideally I want to set the template up completely the night before and then after golf and before dinner download the photo’s from camera. Then I will be shooting evening event. Thanks for your help. If fotomagico can do this I need to down load it and learn it pronto. Skip

Currently FotoMagico don’t have a shuffle function but it is on our feature wish list. For the time beeing I recommend to have some Apple Script workflow to give the images files a random prefix in the filename, because FotoMagico is importing the images in filename order. Then your workflow could look like this:

  • Download all images from your camera
  • walk through them, and remove those unwanted ones (in my experience this is something you have to do anyways)
  • drop your image folder onto an Apple Script droplet, that gives all the images a random prefix for the filename (e.g. “473626_img00123.jpg”)
  • open FotoMagico with your pre-defined project with start title and end slide
  • drag&drop all images into the timeline of your project, just between the start end end title slide (note: all the imported images will stay selected!)
  • open the “Options” panel on the right, setup your slide duration (e.g. 5 secs), transition type (e.g. Dissolve) and its duration (e.g. 1 sec). Since you have all your imported slides selected those changes will be applied to all slides at once!
  • select “Slideshow > Animation > Randomize”, this will randomize the pan and zoom effect for each selected image separately (not including your start and end slide!)

Thats it!

My two cents for the template: If you are running the slideshow in an endless loop (see “Slideshow > Settings…> Options: Slideshow Loops”) I would prefer to only have one text slide at the beginning showing all the textual information. If you have a start title and an end slide in an endless looped slideshow they will come behind each other.

Anyways: Download the trail version, so you can test this workflow before you buy.