Companion update

The latest v3 beta release of Bitfocus Companion includes an updated mimoLive module. As well as being updated to support v3 of Companion, there have been some new additions to the module:

It is now possible to adjust a layer’s volume, both setting to an absolute value, or making incremental adjustments–this is good for using with the rotary controls on a Stream Deck +. There are also variables to display the current volume (0-100) of any layers that have volume.

A new ‘generic endpoint’ action has been added. This is a catch-all for anything not supported by the other actions, and allows you to trigger any API endpoint in a mimoLive document.

If you use Companion, please test out the new updated and report any bugs or issues (or further feature requests) here.

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Excellent work! Thank you very much for your contribution, @nasi

This is great and thank you all.

I found that for example the split screen toggles for solo A and solo B didn’t work, however I got around this will a generic http: PUT with URL to switch on button and another to switch off, just in case that helps anyone. The generic endpoint didn’t seem to help but I have used it elsewhere to great effect so thank you.