Comment Monitoring / Managing from other Device exept the Mac mimolive is running on.

Hi all,

is there way to moderate FB or YT comments over an external device ?
I tried to do that with the mimo Remote app, but that only showed the actually selected comment of the Comment Window.

We are planning to do an outdoor Live Stream and having our Macbook located close to the SET for Monitoring Purposes (Fullscreen Multiview Window ) while we do the Switching etc. on an remote Ipad via Mimo remote.

Is there a way to have the comment window dsiplayed and opereated on an other device (ipad / second Macbook…) in order to have the option to moderate the comments via an Off Cam Person ??

@Raintrader Thanks for using mimoLive and for taking the time to post your feature request.

Remote control for the comments feature is right at the top of the list due to be released in a couple of months. Unfortunately, both Facebook and Twitter are currently disrupting their APIs so there are a couple of things higher on the priorities list.

Right now you could remote control the Mac using a Remote Desktop app, although that is certainly not a good solution.