Color/gamma problem with images

not the first time I’m seeing this problem, but I discovered a new issue.
when I import graphic files with flat colors, flat graphics especially (in JPG or PNG) I usually see some gamma shift from the source media compared to the PGM output.
now I’m also seeing another difference if I create a slideshow in the source, and load a folder with the same graphics.
the gamma/color result from the slideshow is even more different from the original file.

I think I remember that Boinx is working on a new “engine” for mimolive, but is there any way I can get a consistent result for the time being?
I tried adding the Gamma filter but I can’t gett accurate results (and I would prefer not having to rely on filters which could add GPU intensive use in a complex project)

A pity, no. I think we have to wait 'till the new engine is ready to use. Maybe it’s possible to use lossless image formats in the meanwhile.