Clock on mimoRemote?

I would like to have a button on the remote that displays the time, but which doesn’t necessarily have any other function. Is that possible?



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You could set up a clock as a source and have it displayed as a feed on the remote surface. However for the resources it would use up you would probably just be better have a small stand alone clock.

Maybe @Achim_Boinx could add a Button which displays the time of the Clock-Layer on the Surface. This could be much more resource saving.

As a workaround, you could let a stopwatch layer count up. It’s not a clock, but it’d show you the duration. Make the font transparent. Also all other settings, to make it invisible. Or place it below the background.

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Thanks for the feature request! The Date And Time layer will have a custom Remote Control Surface representation which shows the date&time text as on the screen in the upcoming update 5.10.1.

@undercrank If you don’t want to have the date in the video production, you should move the displayed text off screen or make the text color transparent. However the layer needs to be live to show the clock on the Remote Control Surface.


Thanks for this. I’ve been managing fine with a small pocketwatch nearby, but if there’s room on a remote surface for this it’d be a nice add.