Clicking Sound in Audio - Audio Clock Issue maybe

Hello I am using a 2010 Mac Pro 12 core with 64 gigs of ram and a Nvidia gtx 1080 ti that has been flashed for Mac… I am using the black magic HMDI input card to get my DSLR cameras into my system. I am using a Motu 112D to take the digital AES audio from the mixing control room (pro audio studio) they are using pro tools.

We are all set at 48khz and 24bit

What were trying to pin down is a constant light clicking sound that were not sure where it is coming from. The audio is in sync and does not drift. One of the techs thinks that we are actually hearing the audio clock. Another tech suggested that its a buffering problem… And if we could somehow set a longer buffer then it should be ok.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated… Thank you!!

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I don’t have an answer to this one, but I think I know the “click” you are talking about. It is a single “tick” or “snap” sound which happens every 5 or 10 seconds (roughly). I always assumed it was specific to something in my system.

In general, I isolated it to some specific USB devices, and potentially the USB Bus, although some other USB devices did NOT make that sound.

I also have used devices that pass audio as HDMI via thunderbolt, and haven’t encountered any clicking, this is why I’m suspecting USB somehow.

On one system, a Blue Yeti Mic, and a Logitech webcam mic, both USB, and both “clicked”. While a Logitech conference mic, also USB, did not.

For me, I could make it “go away” by switching audio input devices until I found one that didn’t have the click.

I hope that helps in troubleshooting somehow.

I have the same issue with USB devices

Interesting. I do suspect a clock issue somewhere with USB devices. It does “sound” like a clock issue.

I have the same issue with the audio coming into mimoLive from a RØDECaster Pro.