Chroma Keying is pain in the

Hi everybody,
did someone experienced the same Problems with Chroma-Keying in mimo? It is so hard to get a great Result. I used a 4K Camera and Light of the Scene was ok but to find the right Preferences to see no Artefacts in the Screen is pain in the Ass.I used other Apps like (ECA…) which makes ChromaKeying a one Click experience with perfect Results, compare to what i have to do in Mimo. Same Setup.

In Mimo it seems the Chroma Key is to sensitive and if i move i have to change the prefs of the Chroma Key to hav a perfect Result, as you can see at the attached Picture it looks horrible at the Edges.

I cant really find out what is the Problem. Any Ideas?

What filter is in use? Basic or Pro? Do you use white Color for de-spilling? Is it a pip-window layer? (remove the background color and the border color.)

This Tutorial may help: How to create a fabulous let's play stream with macOS and mimoLive? (uMIMOtuts 03) - YouTube

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I guess it was my Camera, here you have the Possibility to change the Light-Sensitivity! Thanks for your help