CAUTION: This post contains 360° live streaming content

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           <p><p>We've just released mimoLive 2.2b1. The highlight of the next version is 360° live streaming via YouTube.</p>  <p>You're invited to <a href="">experience the 360° live stream</a> of the Boinx crew watching the Apple WWDC keynote at our HQ in Puchheim today. We'll demo the new 360° features and answer your questions:</p>  <p>Currently, mimoLive 2.2b1 is optimized for the Theta S camera. It contains:</p>  <ul> <li>Deskew filter for the Theta S camera</li> <li>Filter to change the camera image orientation and center point</li> <li>Placer layer to position other elements like images and text in the 360° video</li> <li>Streaming Status Panel now indicates if video is encoded with a hardware encoder or a software encoder</li> </ul>  <p>As always, we welcome your <a href="">comments in the forum</a>.</p>  <p><a href="" class="button">Get mimoLive 2.2b1...</a></p></p>
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Looks good.
Do you have a timeline for supporting the Samsung Gear 360?

Awesome, love it.
Is the camera outputting a single stitched image as a live video source to Mimo. Is the camera required to be connected to any other software?
Is the Deskew Filter something that will be expanded to be generic for different camera’s.

@PeterT All cameras that provide a equirectangular projection via HDMI or SDI will work out of the box. We currently have a filter that turns the Theta S output into such a projection. I don’t know what the Samsung Gear 360 provides but will find out.

@winnie For our demo stream, we connected the Theta S via HDMI and a Blackmagic Design Mini Recorder because the Theta S provides 1080p via HDMI and only 720p via USB.

The Theta S camera does not provide a stitched image. This is why we provide a deskew filter in mimoLive which turns the image the Theta S provides into an equirectangular image that can be streamed to YouTube. If another camera provides two domes like the Theta S, the deskew filter also works for that camera.

If the camera already provides an equirectangular video, there is no filter necessary.

Hi there. I have just tested 360 live with Theata S and BM minirecorder on a Mac Pro. Works like a charm. The BM audio is not good though. It sounds like Donald Duck. Is it just me ?
And then I tried it on a 3 years old MacBook Pro. It had difficulties on 1080P.
What is the specs for a good 1080 if your use a MacBook pro?


Thomas, Thank you for sharing your experiences and for giving it a try.

Do you have the Donald Duck voice also if you use it with a different camera?

MacBook Pro should not have a problem with 1080p. We use it regularly. The 360° Test on YouTube ( was done with a MacBook Pro. What frame rate did you use?

Hi, i would like to know why you need to use the BlackMagic Mini Recorder to enter the Macbook instead of going directly from the camera to the Mac via HDMI.
Is it possible to do an equirectangular streaming without the outer plate ?
Greetings from Argentina.

@Rocoto The Mac does not have an HDMI input thats why we use the Blackmagic Design Mini Recorder. You can also use other HDMI grabber devices, such as the Magewell USB Capture or the Epiphan

It is also possible to use the Theta S via USB but that is lower resolution.

I’m not sure what you mean by “outer plate”?