Streaming Service

Question: I am looking to stream our mimolive production to a new site called

This would give us the ability to live stream our production to multiple sites at the same time, without using our bandwith…

I followed the steps of creating a Custom RTMP…entered in all the information, and it is not pulling the feed from Mimolive…I did a test run with OBS to see if it was an issue with Mimolive’s side of the communication, or if it was Castr…It worked fine with OBS…Curious if you have had anyone else with this same issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

@“Birdland BS” Thank you for using mimoLive and for asking your question here in the forum.

mimoLive RTMP output works with many services, but sometimes there is something about the service that needs special consideration. This seems to be the case with We’ll investigate.

In the meantime, there are several alternatives known to work:

@“Birdland BS” Quick update: we’re working with to fix the streaming issue. It should be in the next beta release. Thank you again for reporting this.

You can stream to multiple sites right out of MimoLive. I setup my broadcast to stream to Facebook, Twitter (Periscope), youtube and twitch. Not sure how bandwidth is handled at that point but it is possible

@“Birdland BS” We released a new beta version 4.5b2 which should be able to stream to without any problems. Please download the beta and test your streaming setup. Feedback is welcome!

Castr updated its pricing plan and removed the free plan. This made everyone sad. There is a Castr VS Restream comparison video I just watched, check it out - Restream and Castr Comparison. Which the best multi-streaming service?