Can't upgrade to 3.2.4

I’m trying to upgrade to 3.2.4 but I always get the same error message that I’m attaching you.

Thanks for your help
Xavier Carreras

From which version are your updating?

Hi :slight_smile: The same error message here:
• Mac OS X 10.9
• Mouseposé 3.2.3 (Rev. 10788-F13879-R) — no Mac App Store version

@Ultrabeat: We encountered some issues with the Mac App Store version which has to be sorted out. We are working on it right now. Thank you for your patience!

I"ve encountered the same problem, but did not purchase through the MacApp Store.
10.9, 3.2.3, but can’t upgrade. Keep getting the same error as noted by Haut_Touch

If you have the download version (not the App Store version!) of Mouseposé you can download the current version here and install it manually (just replace the app in your Applications folder):

I’m getting the same error when trying to upgrade to 3.2.6. I purchased my license from your site before Mouseposé was available through the App Store. Is there a download link for 3.2.6?