cant separate video using the c key

Am I missing something here? I have 4.4.4 and for the life of me this doesn’t work…I’m in timeline view using a QT video…the C key (on my mac) doesnt do a thing…nor does Ctl C or command C or even shift C…ideas?

this is the response I got from someone claiming to be ‘product support’ from Boinx "…Thank you for contacting Boinx Software Support Team.

May I ask you where exactly you’ve found a tip to use “C” key to trim videos? Looks like it’s no longer supported."

Really??? Have you not looked at the main page of your “whats new in 4.4.4”? section of your website or your video FAQ with your owner? OMG. just in case you missed your own website information, I’m attaching a screen shot of your non-existent ‘feature’.,

here is the snapshot

Hi Andy,
sorry about what support said, maybe they mixed the feature up with something.
The C feature is brand new and of course supported in FotoMagico 4.4.4.

I recorded a short video explaining how it works:

vD Bastian…now I know how to do it. Sorry but this instruction is no where to be found in your help or documentation that I can see… Unfortunately, its not very functional for me because I cannot hear the sound while I drag the timeline thus it becomes a guess where I need to splice. I hope this will be an improvment in the future. Back to iMovie I go :frowning:

Thank you, Bastian. I did a web search for [trim video] and [adjust video duration] and found nothing. Hopefully including those terms in this comment will help people find this feature.