Can't see my images

Just installed Version 3.8 Pro and working on first slideshow. Have preferences set to load the Aperture Library, but can’t see the contents of my Aperture Library the way I used to. Can see iTunes, movies, but right now can’t see Aperture. Earlier tonight I could see Aperture’s content. Have shut down down fotomagico and aperture and restarted the computer but no go. Any suggestions?

Just opened fotomagicko 3.7.2 on my macbook pro and no problem with it seeing the aperture library. Is there a bug in Version 3.8 that may be causing this?

Used TimeMachine to reinstall Version 3.7.2 and the Aperture library immediately became visible again. Let me know when you think you have debugged Version 3.8.

OK we’ll keep this discussion forward via email to evaluate a few things.

I am having the same problem after updating to 3.8 and am now updated to 3.8.1. I can see IPHOTO but nothing in Aperture. All preferences set to allow

Have you tried opening/closing Aperture and afterwards opening FotoMagico again?
If this won’t do the trick, a reset of FotoMagico’s preferences could help, please download the following file:

Afterwards unzip (double-click) and run the script. Afterwards FotoMagico should reopen (please do so if not) and try again (if neccessary go to FotoMagico’s preferences and re-enable your desired libraries). Also some settings might have to be re-set.

Thanks, I updated back to 3.8.1 after going back to 3.7.6, ran the script, Aperture Library is now available