Can't Get MimoCall To Work Anymore

I just had to fix and re-istall everything on my iMac, and after doing so, I can’t get MimoCall to work. When I send someone the link, it opens up the page, and they can see themselves, but I can’t see them, and they can’t see me.

The person on the other end has done calls with me every week since MimoCall came out, so they know how to use it.

I can’t figure out what to do to even troubleshoot this

@“Ray Lane” I’m sorry to hear about the troubles.

Did you log in to Boinx Connect again on the re-installed iMac? (mimoLive Preferences -> Accounts)

Thats probably it! I will check that now

@“Ray Lane” You will probably have to get a new mimoCall ID as well by pressing the reconnect button next to the text:

enter image description here