Cant get fullscreen preview in 6.3.3

When I hit command-p to run fullscreen I get all the storyboard at the bottom and have to turn off all the side windows. On 6.3.3. on Ventura 13.1 on Macbook 14. I’ve tried everything and find this weird. Why can’t Fotomagico allow you to preview your slidewhow without exporting a movie.

I’m running FM 6.3.3 on a MacBook Pro 13" connected to a 27" BenQ monitor under Ventura 13.1 – when I press Command-P or select “Play Fullscreen…” from the Play menu, EVERYTHING is removed except the slideshow, which plays full screen left to right and top to bottom (no side windows, no storyboard at the bottom).

Does it come up with a large(ish) “Choose Playback Screen” dialog box asking you to select which screen to use? This is something relatively new, as far as I can tell – that “may” have something to do with it, but I’m not sure. Still, it appears to work correctly for me. There is no other place in the app to adjust prefs or setttings relating to how a full screen playback should be played. It should just work.

i get the choose playback screen dialogue and the output option of 1512x982pixels on Macbook 14" which has much higher screen resolution. also had this issue with Macbook studio display. very lame especially subscription fee.

btw accidentally hit escape key twice and it went to full screen but restarts slideshow even when i am at the 50th photo on the timeline.

Well, I’m at a loss for any additional ideas, short of uninstalling and then re-installing the app. There might be some underlying settings you have going on (in Systems Prefs, maybe?) that are causing an issue. The guys at Boinx usually come up with an answer – trying contacting them directly through the website.

Hi @Bob_sadf I’m sorry for the troubles and thanks for reaching out in the forum. I’m not quite sure I understand the issue. Do you have multiple monitors? In which case, you are going to see the speaker view on one and the slideshow play on the other. Can you send a screenshot of what happens right after you press command-p? It should look like this:

When you press play, it will start playing full screen on the selected display.

If it doesn’t can you please post a screenshot of what happens next?

The resolution that is given in the dialog is the one MacOS reports for that display. Since FotoMagico knows it is a Retina display, all the actual pixels that are available will be used.

I think that may be the support for remote clickers. Their buttons map on strange keys.