Can't get certain .mov files to play?

I have just downloaded mimolive demo to replace OBS for live streams and it looked promising but… I can’t get certain .mov files to load inside. Others (just like them) are fine, but several will not load. These are transparent BG files we use for stingers and transition. Any advice on why this is happening? They won’t even preview… They work dinner in OBS.

Hi @josh1 Thanks for giving mimoLive a try and for posting your feedback.

Transparent videos are supported in mimoLive using ProRes 4444 format. You should be able to convert your files with QuickTime Player, VLC, Handbrake or similar tools with support for the codec you’re using now. If you render those from After Effects or Motion, make sure to use ProRes 4444 as the export format.

@Oliver_Boinx Can you explain to me why my other .mov files just like these work great?

Hi @josh1 The .mov is a “container” file format which can contain a lot of different video and audio data. If you click on the file in the Finder and press command-I you will get the file info. Under “More info” you’ll see the codecs used in this file to encode the audio and video. mimoLive supports all codecs that macOS supports natively. Apple has removed a lot of formats in the last couple of years to clean up.

Apps like ffmpeg, VLC and others bring their own support for additional codecs, so they can play more formats than mimoLive. The downside is that those codecs are not supported with hardware, while the ones Apple supports have hardware in some Macs to make them work faster.