Can't find primary Aperture library

I’m trying the demo version of FotoMagico 4.4.4 but it won’t access my Aperture library which it says is missing or renamed etc. The library is on a separate partition, not in the original Pictures folder, but so is my iPhoto library and FotoMagico loaded that one. It also loaded a separate Aperture library on another drive but that’s not my main library. I’ve read some other discussions about related issues but none had my particular situation.

I need to know if this is fixable before deciding whether to buy FotoMagico. Thanks.

FotoMagico reads the information from the Apple preferences to find out where the libraries are store. Sometimes this preference is not updated, but there is a simple way to fix this.

  • First quit FotoMagico and Aperture.
  • Now in the Finder, Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences/ (~is your Home folder)
  • Here you’ll find the file.
  • Delete this file.
  • Now launch Aperture and make sure your Library of choice is selected.
  • Quit Aperture.
    The file you just deleted should be recreated now automatically. If the file came back, relaunch FotoMagico and you should now be able to see your library.

Unfortunately, this did not work. FotoMagico asks for the password to mount the drive where my secondary Aperture Library is located. Aperture appears in the box at the upper right but with the red exclamation point and the same message that the Aperture Library is missing.

I then deleted the FotoMagico plist file to see if that makes a difference, but it doesn’t even after again deleting the Is there some way to delete everything connected to FotoMagico and try this again from the beginning?

It seems it doesn’t get permission from the system to read the library. You can try to delete ~/Library/Containers/com.boinx.fotomagico4 while FotoMagico isn’t running, but I think this will not solve the issue since FotoMagico tried to access the library, event prompts for the password.
After removing the folder above, please first start /Applications/Utilities/, click “Clear Display” and then start FotoMagico again and retry to connect to the Aperture Library. It will probably fail again, but afterwards there should be related logs in, please share them with me. You can also send them to referring to this thread if you would rather not share your logs publicly.

I sent the logs to support and got back a suggestion to make sure my Aperture library was the one that opened. I did that, it made no difference, which I then told support. They have not yet responded. Are you connected with them?

How can I remove every trace of FotoMagico from my iMac and begin from scratch? Maybe that will fix the problem. However, when I opened FotoMagico the first time after downloading the demo version a few days ago, the problem was already there - it did not find my Aperture Library. After that, trying different things, I opened my secondary Aperture library, which is in a password-protected sparseimage, and FotoMagico saw that right away even though it wasn’t in the Pictures Folder. So even starting from scratch may not help here.

I see online that lots of people report similar problems where FM does not see Aperture as it’s supposed to. Some people just give up, or export the images they want from Aperture into a separate file. I’d rather have things work the way they’re supposed to.

Hi Dennis,

I just checked your support incident and Nick ran you through the wiping process. So you already started from scratch. The logs don’t indicate any permission issue with Aperture at all. I’ll get back to you from our support system for further tests.