Cannot See Typed Text

I just installed Version 6.4.3. When I double click to edit text, the text I type does not appear until I hit return. I am not able to see my text to make edits, and I am forced to delete the text box and start again.

Try going to the Options panel and see if the Text Size slider is set to “0” (it tends to remember the last time it was set). If so, just drag the slider to the right and your text should appear larger.

Another issue may be the Text color – if it’s the same color as the background then it won’t appear until you click on the text block to edit it. But when you’re done, it will go back to match the background color and “disappear.”

If those don’t resolve your problem there’s something else that’s probably set incorrectly.

Hope that helps…

Thanks, but sorry, it doesn’t help. My text size is 18; the color is black on a gray background. I don’t know what other things to try.