Cannot install Fotomagico 6 in MBP M1


I recently bought a M1 MBP 16inch and decided to get Fotomagico 6 as Fotomagico 5 dont work with M1 with Monterey. I downloaded the installer but i get this error message.

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 11.12.16 PM

Thank you for any help. I already submitted a ticket but I know it’s not gonna be a quick reply from Boinx

Hi @Law_Tapalla Thanks for using FotoMagico!

This means that the MacOS security system is rejecting the file as not properly signed by Boinx. This is done to make sure that the file hasn’t been tampered with and sometimes happens when the app isn’t downloaded from the original source.

Did you download the app from ?

Also, the .zip icon suggests that there is a third party app for compressing files installed. This could damage the file when un-zipping or cause the MacOS security system to invalidate the file. Try un-zipping the file originally downloaded from our server using the built-in “Uncompress” command in Finder.