Cannot import slideshow created in v2.6.3 into Fotomagico v4

I just created a slideshow on the version of Fotomagico I already had on my machine. When I tried to export, I wasn’t really happy with the results, so I wanted to upgrade to version 3 to have access to Quicktime export controls. But 3 is no longer available, so I paid the $99 and upgraded to v4. But now version 4 won’t open the previous version! Is there a way I can open the version created in v2.6.3? Or is version 3 able to do it?

You are right: FotoMagico 4 isn’t able to open FotoMagico 2.x documents. You have to open them in FotoMagico 3 and save it again in order to bring it to a format FotoMagico 4 can read.

Okay, I am sending Boinx support a copy of my receipt for v.4 (per your request) plus a link to this forum thread. Once I can get a copy of version 3 I can re-save the project in the new format. Thanks!