Cannot Export / video conversion failing

I let the 4.4 version of the app convert some video files and now I have display issues and I cannot export without errors. It will not create a standalone file and if it does create a mov file it will not play as the error is that FotoMagico did not put a date on the file.

I am also having video display issues with the new version with video files that it has converted. I hope there is a way to get them back to a useable format.

I am having the same problem and I need this file tonight. Is there a way to go back to the previous version? I doubt they can fix this tonight.

@MagicoVinnie: If you need to downgrade here is the link to FotoMagico 4.3.1:

@PhotoTraveler: Please can you try to setup your “Security & Privacy” system settings to “Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere” temporarily to see if the conversion and export happens without errors? To do so:

  1. Quit FotoMagico
  2. Open the system preferences
  3. Step into “Security & Privacy” and “General” tab
  4. Select the “Anywhere” option for “Allow applications downloaded from:”
  5. Start FotoMagico and test your export again.

Does this help?