Can mimo do these things?

Ive been wanting these kind of features in Mimolive for a very long time. here you have the current standing or leaderboard with times entered and the dynamics of it is what i am looking at. of course i can create this in after effects but there is no way to track the numbers to the graphic nor animate them. what i want to know is!!!

In the new version of mimolive ( the quartz composer replacement) will we be able to do thses type of things?

Hi @203 Yes, mimoLive can do that, we have implemented a layer like that for a customer in the US recently. However, there is no standard layer that can do it.

mimoComposer is a tool that will enable people to build a layer like that.

That sounds absolutely wonderful @Oliver_Boinx . I am really looking forward to this move in the right direction, all the best and a speedy roll out.