Can it trigger ATEM macros?

Hey there. I’m wondering if the ATEM control module can trigger ATEM macros? I didn’t see any reference to this in the manual or video.


Good point Joseph!

Currently, I don’t believe that is possible, but it wold definitely be useful. I have a couple of the Production Studio models, and I use separate control mostly because of the macros.

That would make this much more useful to us. I’m going to play with the Mimo demo today but I don’t think there’s a demo for the ATEM integration is there? @Oliver_Boinx is this something we might see in the future; macro triggering?

I’ve gone with Stream Deck and Companion (from BitFocus) as my main integration point. I’m triggering ATEM macros and recalling mimoLive layer sets from buttons on Stream Deck …

Interesting solution, thanks. I’m familiar with, but never used, Streamdeck. Is it possible to build combo commands that will trigger a macro and trigger something in Boinx simultaneously? Or would those have to be separate commands? I’m envisioning a macro that builds a PiP or SuperSource on the ATEM, then rolls a graphics sequence in Boinx, all with one click.

Yes, it is possible to do those things.

I’m not very familiar with the original Stream Deck software from Elgato, but I’m using a replacement called Companion from BitFocus which allows a single button to trigger a bunch different actions on different devices.

Companion allows you to stack multiple remote commands (with timed delays if needed) on a single button.

In my application (on the video side) I use it just to trigger ATEM macros and mimoLive layer sets, and I do the rest of my setup work in mimoLive layers and on the ATEM. I’m just using Companion to trigger the more complex stuff in both of those systems.

I also have Companion interfaced with lighting, audio and a 4x4 HDMI matrix.

That’s awesome, thanks. Lighting… that’s cool :wink:

+1 for Companion. Best thing is you do not need the streamdeck. There is an emulator built in to the GUI and there is also a web controller.
Another option to look at is the mimoLive 2.7 now has the automation layer that can send custom http requests, this should be able to trigger external API’s, maybe directly to the atem software or you can trigger companion. I’ll try find time to investigate over the weekend or maybe @Achim_Boinx can confirm the http request usage.

@winnie The Automation layer in mimoLive 5.7 can do HTTP request but the ATEM don’t have an HTTP API as far as I know.