Can I use songs purchased on the iTunes Music Store?

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           <p>FotoMagico cannot include audio from songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store if they are DRM protected in an export movie. But if you bought song that is not protected by DRM, like iTunes Plus songs, you can use those songs also for playback in an exported movie.  Check out the original article for more information!</p>
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Well, I’m trying to include some songs purchased from Itunes ad Itunes Plus and stil I cannot export the video with the music…

Try burning the purchased song to a CD as an .mp3 file, then re-import that song back into iTunes (I’d suggest burning to a re-writeable CD if you can so you don’t waste a disk – that’s what I do). You lose the DRM protection, and you can then import the music into FotoMagico. At least it worked for me on a recent slideshow I created. That might solve your problem.