Can I use multiple iOS devices as cameras for mimoLive?

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>Can I use multiple iOS devices as cameras for mimoLive?</strong>
           <p>Due to restrictions in OS X, currently only one iOS device can be used at the same time when connected via Lightning to USB cable. If you attach a Lightning Digital AV adapter to the iOS Device, connect an HDMI cable and use an HDMI frame grabber for Thunderbolt (such as the Blackmagic Design Mini Recorder) or USB 3 (such as the Magewell USB Capture HDMI) you can use multiple iOS devices.</p>
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I am trying to use Mimo Live to broadcast Live at our campus using a Canon Vixia camera as the live source. We are using the new iMac with USB-C, are there any solutions you can help us with for using that camera as the video source?

@“Jacob Luevano” Probably the best way is to use a Magewell HDMI USB 3 grabber. To use it with the USB-C, you can simply buy a cheap USB-C to USB 3 adapter.

install the newtek NDI camera app in your ios device.

Thanks! We have tried several different type of solutions but Mimo doesn’t seem to locate the source. Will try the HDMI grabber.

@“Jacob Luevano” My guess is that the WiFi Network is set up in a way that prevents the devices from seeing each other. Can you try to set up a stand-alone WiFi network?