Can I have more than one YouTube output?


We have our main Youtube account we use for steaming every Sunday using the Google API.

Is it possible to setup a different YouTube account to live stream events like weddings without breaking our main Youtube API.

In other words can I have two different youtube outputs setup at the same time and just select which one I want to use on any given day?

Hello there @AL210,

You certainly can! All you have to do is to add another YouTube account from mimoLive’s preferences, and you will be able to select which account you want to stream to from a dropdown in the Live Streaming output destination. You can even stream simultaneously to both YouTube channels if you create a different live streaming output destination for each one!

(By the way, even if you don’t add the secondary YouTube account to mimoLive, you can live stream to any YouTube channel using RTMP.)

Best regards,

Perfect! Thanks @profgustavoreis