Can I fine-tune the location of TIP of cursor?

Is it possible to fine-tune the location of the TIP of the mouse cursor relative to the circle? For example, I would like to have an ability to have the tip of the cursor on the RIM of the circle. Please advise. Thank you.

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Unfortunately, I cannot give tips, but this would be a fantastic feature request. I’d also need this. Especially, when the mouse pointer is enlarged and covering the text, I want to show.

I have sent my question to Boinx thru its web portal here and received the following canned message:

thank you for your message.If you reported a question or bug report we will get back to you as soon as possible.

So, I am hoping that I will receive an answer from them soon. Personally, I am surprised that this “feature” is not already incorporated into Mousepose’s preferences.

Sometimes something seems obvious or handy and honestly, I often thought about a feature request on this. But after a lesson I forgot. :joy::joy:

It was nice of them to reply to my question that I had submitted through the portal:

As of now, the mouse cursor is only at the middle of the Mousepose effect circle.
But I can note this as a feature suggestion.

I can understand they have chosen the MIDDLE of the effect circle to have the tip of the cursor when a user wants to know he is clicking on something. However, when I want to slide the mouse tip over a text to explain something, the tip being in the MIDDLE becomes very annoying. I would assume that the coordinates of the tip of the cursor is defined relative to the coordinates of the circle. So, I hope they will be able to implelement a feature that allows a user to nudge the tip a bit vertically down to the edge of the circle.or a bit horizontally to the right edge of the circle

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Yes, that would be very useful and handy. Especially when by key press a certain preconfigured position could appear. I’m sure that this will come, because this would improve mouseposé for all trainers and teachers, who need to highlight text or something inside a structure, without covering the shown line(s).

I completely agree with you. Without a doubt, the option to have an off-center location of the cursor tip will be a god send when highlighting text.