Can I export Prores4444 with alpha from mimoLive?

I need to edit a video with some clips from a recorded conference.
I would like to use the same animated lower-thirds that I created in mimo, so I was wondering if it’s possible to export in Prores4444 with transparency?

I’m almost 100% certain I’ve done this before. Just make sure you have the ProRes4444 codec installed on the mac you are exporting from.

Just goto file settings section in the File Reocrding Output panel and change it from H264 or whatever it is ATM to ProRes4444.

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I will try that ASAP.
but in theory you can export a Prores4444 without alpha. So I guess the point is: will the transparency be preserved?

To get transparency, there should simply be nothing in the layerstack behind what you want to be transparent.

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