Can I customise Background image for slideshow frames using Fotomagico Pro

I have just had to purchase Fotomagico Pro because there seems to be little in the way of quality slide show producing software for MAC available. As a wedding photographer slideshows on DVD are an important part of my business and until changing to MAc recently I used a program on PC called Pro Show Gold by photodex. This allowed me to simply for example add photo background to a frame with for example a chosen photograph appearing in the frame over top of the personalised background image. Unless I am clearly not understanding Fotomagico it appears that this sort of thing can’t be donee within a Fotomagico slide show presentation. I have not as yet seen any Demo presentation with this effect? If this is not the case can anyone lead me in the right direction inorder to make full use of this product? I appreciate your time taken reading this and any assistance that you can provide , Regards Nigel

Hello Nigel,

currently FotoMagico is only capable of presenting on photo at a time. To get started with the app please check out our support page, where you can find the FAQs and some video tutorials:

Not sure if this answers Nigel’s question, but it was “sorta” answered in a discussion about layers (which we’re all waiting IMPATIENTLY FOR!!!) It was suggested by Boinx to save an image (in this case a photo) as an .rtf (rich text format) file, then import THAT as “text” in the text layer. What was attempting to be done was having TWO images at the same time, one overlaying the other – this allowed the ability to have one photo pan across the other! I tried it and it DOES WORK!

So, in Nigel’s case, he COULD import a photo as the regular image that he wants to appear on a slide (it would be the background image), then create an .rtf file of the OTHER photo that he would like to appear on top, and import THAT .rtf file as “text” – but he’d have to save every file as an .rtf file to accomplish this. A big pain in the arse, but doable.

IF that’s what he’s trying to do.

Here is my work around, but I too am waiting anxiously for a new version of Fotomagico Pro with “multiple layering”.
My background will be the main photo I drop in the timeline and then I click on “text” and highlight the word “text” and delete only the word “text”. Then I lengthen and widen the text box a little and keeping it rectangular or square depending on the shape of thee photo I want to drop in there. After that I drag and drop a photo in there and then adjust the text box both top and bottom to fit the photo therein.(This can be a little tricky till one gets familiar with it) Then I click on the background photo to remove the box frame leaving the second photo there. Then I can zoom it in or out or do a panning effect. It can be a little difficult getting the photo in the box properly but it works every time and perfectly. At least I can have a photo in the background of my choice and then another on top and animate too. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Bill. See how we learn things! :wink: I hadn’t even tried dragging a photo in to a text box, but I just did and it worked. You can even have your “text” AND the photo in the same box (but it’s a little unwieldy and I’m not even sure why you’d use it) – although, I popped a photo in AFTER the word “text”, added a return after the word, then did a “center alignment” on the whole thing. The result is that the text is centered above the imported photo. If the text box is selected (with the photo inside of it), it can be scaled and rotated just like the background photo underneath. I can see experimenting with some new ideas…

I too am new to the Mac after using ProShow Gold for years. I’m looking for a similar or better program and Fotomagico keeps popping up.

Can someone please advise if you are able to add text to all photo’s within your presentation? The only examples I have managed to find only show text on the first page, this could be down to preference or could it be that this program does not allow this?

Also please advise whether home or pro is best to opt for. I usually use it for compiling family photographs onto cd/dvd.

Many thanks,

Hello Lou, Welcome to the forum. I too am new here on this forum! I have been using Mac and Fotomagico Pro for around 2 years. Since I have always used the Pro version I won’t be offering much help concerning the standard version but may I recommend checking here for the comparisons between the versions: Concerning text, yes in the Pro version I can add text to every slide and animate it separately from the photo. Coming from many years with PCs and Proshow Producer and later Wnsofts picturestoexe (excellent but only buildable in PC) I have been extremely pleased with the quality of Fotomagicos presentations when playing from my MacBook Pro to the HD TV. Just brilliant! I do need to mention though that DVD quality isn’t near as good and this is to be expected being the resolution is much lower than HD. I have found though that that gap is now closer since the newer DVD players that offer the “up res” feature make a DVD look much better than playing a presentation on a standard DVD player. I build DVD presentations for clients (DVD) and they have been very satisfied. From what I understand there is a new version of Fotomagico currently being made which may offer many of the “multiple layering features” which Proshow Gold offered. If so this will be a tremendous upgrade for Fotomagico. As you can read above I found a way of placing a photo on top of a background photo which I really enjoy using. A Tip: (Here is the best way I have found to make a DVD with Fotomagico: I build the presentation as a 1080P HD version and saving it to my desktop, then I open iDVD and choose “Create a DVD” then after naming iDVD opens and I then click on the small left center icon which is the mapping icon. Then I simple drag the movie file on my desktop to the drop in area and then click on the burn icon and then burn it in “720p”. After much research I have found this to be the best. Hope this helps Bill

Thanks for the advice Bill. I have had a look at the home versus pro and am still a little unsure, not being very technical! lol. Am thinking it will probably be the pro version I will need considering the home is so much cheaper I am expecting usage to be very basic. I will try to download a trial to determine which i right for me. Just happy to finally find something that I can do all my holiday and family pics on as usual. Lou :slight_smile:

Bill, thanks for the tip on exporting to DVD via iDVD, very helpful ,

Hello Beth and Lou, You are welcome and glad to be able to help. Bill