can 4.5 accept two audio tracks

Can 4.5 accept two audio tracks? Is there a more subtle and sonically pleasing way to lower volume? We’re Rolling Productions.

I can’t comment on v.4.5, but I’ve found v.4.6 to be very accommodating when working with audio. I’ve been able to drag music and sound effect files to the timeline, one over the other, and then independently adjust the volume of each, as well as adjusting fade-in/fade-out, and ducking.

I believe you can work with more than two audio tracks, but two were enough for my project.

Not sure what you mean by “more subtle and sonically pleasing way to lower volume” (compared to what?), but I feel like FotoMagic gives me all the control over volume and sonic layering that I need.

Thanks. What I mean by subtle and more pleasing would be precise level adjustments in ProTools or Logic, both good professional audio editing platforms.

I can’t seem to adjust the fadeout time beyond the settings applied to each image - that is, the duration each image is displayed is 2.5 seconds, but I want the music to fade out over 10 seconds. How do I achieve this?

If I’m understanding this correctly, it sounds like you want to fade the music out for the 10 seconds before the end of the final slide, so if each slide is 2.5 seconds, that would mean you want to fade it out for the last 4 slides. Correct? Click on Timeline so you can see the audio track. Find the end of the track (and the slides above it). Click on the little yellow marker at the top of the audio track and drag it back 4 slides. You should see an angled line that shows how the audio fades out over the last 4 slides.

Ignore that last post of mine – that doesn’t work :frowning:

Okay, let me rephrase what I said above :slight_smile: YES, you can do what you are asking to do (if I still understand what you’re trying to do), but ONLY IN THE NEW FotoMagic 5 version (currently in BETA). But NOT in FM 4.5, I’m afraid. FM 5 allows you to add Volume Envelope Markers anywhere along the audio track. So, assuming you want the last 4 slides (as I described above) having fading audio, you’d add a marker at the start of the 4th slide from the end, at the 3rd, at the 2nd, and at the last. Then you would adjust each of the markers so each is lower than the one before it (creating an audio fadeout). And that would work.

After spending more time with FotoMagico, I am must re-evaluate my previous comment which was overly optimistic when I said “I’ve found v.4.6 to be very accommodating when working with audio…”

In fact, I too am frustrated by my inability to fade audio in or out over more than one slide.

Additionally, today I wanted to match the end of an audio clip with the end of a slide, but FotoMagico insists on always aligning the beginnings, and never the ends.

I see some are testing FM v.5(beta), but I’m not finding any Boinx links to that. Anyone know what the system requirements are going to be?

I’m not sure what the system requirements are (are you talking hardware or software?) If you can run FM 4.6.3 (it was updated this morning to 4.6.5 by the way), then you should probably be able to run the newer version, currently in beta.

If you want the beta version, go to

Yeah, I just discovered 4.6.5, but I’m in no hurry to do a maintenance update. Last time I did that it broke FotoMagico for me, and I couldn’t get it work right until the NEXT update.

Right now v4.6.3 is working great for me under Mountain Lion (Mac OS 10.8.5) on a 2011 iMac. The only thing that might tempt me to risk another update would be the promise of more features - especially, if more audio flexibility.

I don’t really have the time to mess with Beta software, so I’ll wait for the final version 5 - and hope it will run on my system.