Camera support

I am trying to connect boinxtv to the cameras that I currently have. I should have considered that the cameras that we bought for the school do not use Firewire out, so I am stuck. I realized boinxtv does not recognize USB in connections, so what are my options at this point? We have Canon HFS 20, Sony HDR 560s, Sony CX 160s, and some older mini-DV cameras that use Firewire400. The MacPro has only FW 800. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The USB camcorders don’t deliver their live signal over USB, so they are not usable with iStopMotion. The only USB based devices that work are webcams.
The best option is to get a very inexpensive FireWire 800 > 400 Adapter and use your existing DV cameras.

i am trying to use a cannon vixa h30 to record video for church, i am connected to the iMac (very new) through firewire, Bionxtv sees the camera but no live preview or recording. i am using the demo version but if i can get this to work we will buy the full version

Your camera is very likely set to HDV mode. The HDV signal can only be decompressed if the HDV system component is installed. It only comes with Final Cut Pro or Logic Studio and we can’t ship it separately. If you switch your camera to DV mode, it will work in any case, but will only deliver SD resolution.

We are using iStop Pro for a college film class with still cameras. I would like to add an HD video camera. My own Vixia isn’t working and rather than have to compromise with an SD adaption can you recommend other low cost HD video cameras that would be compatible? Firewire is not a problem. We generally export then import into Final Cut for post.

I’m about to start an animation class in a month, can iStopmotion work with Canon 7D?

Can you suggest a moderately priced video camera with the firewire port? Is there anything $600 or less that will work? We are currently using a Panasonic, but need to get another camera for our studio. I use my system with 9-11 year olds.