Camera input turns off when layer is not active

Hi good morning all,
I am using Mimolive to run virtual events and I have a Decklink Duo 2 with a camera connected as main video feed.

When I switch the placer (or PIP window) with the video off, the video source is turned off. When I switch the placer back on, it has to turn on the video source before displaying the video. This causes a short split second of black to show before the actual signal shows up.

I notice that when I plug in my Logitech C920, turning the layer off, turns off the webcam (blue lights go off). Turning the layer on again will switch on the camera.

The only way to solve this at the moment is having the later selected (highlighted in yellow) so that the video source is always on. Then transitions and cuts to the video layer is always smooth.

Is there a solution to this?

Place your source in the MultiView. (Top right at the main window, you’ll find two buttons. Use the left one.)

Ah thanks JoPhi, I didn’t realise that would fix the issue. Thanks!