Camera Capture Hardware?

Normally, I am doing webcam shoots, but we are going to be doing shoots that require some real cameras. I am looking for recommendation on hardware for attaching 3 cameras, which will likely be HDMI output. The iMac I am using only has 1 Thunderbolt port available.

Any recommendations?

Hi, Ray:

You could use an ATEM Television Studio HD to bring in up to four HDMI cameras and four SDI cameras. With this setup, you send the program out of the ATEM into mimoLive via an UltraStudio Mini Recorder. This means your iMac only has to deal with one stream of video, and the kicker is that with the ATEM Controller layer, mimoLive can switch the ATEM as well!

Sounds fantastic. But: is there also a device from BMD which allows also to monitor SDI in one device? The recorder is the end of Daisy Chain :frowning: … can you recommend a current device that gives the power of one BMD mini recorder and one BMD mini monitor?


@JoPhi You can use a BMD Duo 2 or Quad 2 card in a Thunderbolt enclosure to have both in and out.

Wonderful. Thx. These cards do also support key/fill with mimo, because they can send two signals in or two signals out… have to think about lots… Additionally there is the HyperDeck Studio Mini Recorder with Key/Fill… but just as a player, not as an output device for software generated output. Isn’t it?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” … does UltraStudio HD mini also work for Key/Fill-Graphics out of mimo Live?