BUGS: Source window layout and gamma change when adding fx


Played around with 5.10 a bit, setting up a Mimocall to do some testing.
When I added the face tracking effect, I noticed the image got brighter. Seems to be a gamma shift.
Other effects did the same.
Also, when the effect is added in the source window, the window doesn’t expand enough for the bottom settings/controls to remain available. It looks like you need to scroll, but you can’t. :slight_smile:
In this instance, I’m on a 2017 15" MBP running OS 11.2.1. I’ll test on my other system later today or tomorrow.

Hi @oliver1 Thanks for reporting the bugs. The layout issues keep popping up on Big Sur…

We’ll look into this.

Tested on an iMac Pro today (also Big Sur, 11.1). Same thing.

Especially the gamma shift can be tricky if you don’t notice it at first and switch between two instances of the same source (like face tracked for PIP and none face tracked for full screen).
The layout is annoying, but less of an issue for me personally.

Thanks for the follow up.