BUG: switching between layer sets is not smooth

Whenever I click on the layer sets to recall “scenes” I can’t get smooth transitions.
I usually apply a dissolve in each layer, and those layers are turned on in the layer sets.
But while the dissolve works perfectly when switched individually on the layer, it is not smooth in a layer set.
Example: when you have to program a scene let’s say with an opening + logo + music of course you can’t switch them on manually so I’m creating a layer set. Then I need to switch back to the main camera + logo + lowerthird and I recall another layer set. When I do that, that transition is not smooth, it’s glitchy.
This is very frustrating. Is this going to get fixed somehow?
any workarounds meanwhile? @Oliver_Breidenbach

Can you please send me the document that does this?

The transitions are set in the layers. Maybe there is a layer where the transition is not working as expected.