Bug Report beta 4.03 Audio output troubles

I wanted mute one video layer

But as you see in screenshot: -

  1. video layer has sounds (ok)
  2. audio monitor hasn’t any sounds (ok)
  3. program monitor has sounds (no ok)

same with any layers


@did In your screenshot you muted a layer in the mix configuration of the audio monitor output destination, not the program mix. So this is expected behavior.

The program output mix currently has no representation as a mix configuration like the audio aux output destinations have. Instead, the layer volumes set in the layer stack are the program mix.

To mute a layer in the program mix simply turn down the respective layer volume in the layer stack. There currently is no mute (or solo) functionality for the program mix, you have to do it ‘by hand’.

wow, i didnt see that layer’s gain button %) sorry