Bug report beta 4.01

  1. Do not remember keyboard shortcuts for any “toggle” layers
  2. sometimes there is a need to make the comment window narrower
  3. The comment layer occupies the entire width of the program out. it would be great to be able to change the width of this layer, and not just se layer height
    to be updated

Hey, yes - I’ve seen the same with “toggle” - remove the shortcut and it doesn’t remove (and vice versa).
Comment - doesn’t really seem to do much unless I’ve missed something. It’s either manual (text box missing) or automatic (no settings).

Anyway - great update guys, love it - just letting you know really.

@did and @MrAndrewMcLean Thanks for your bug reports:

  1. Bug confirmed and fixed in the next beta release.
  2. Comments-Layer: This more like a design problem rather than a bug :wink: Please feel free to create your own background image for the Comments layer with is transparent on each side. You need to switch the “Background > Type” option from “Frosted Glass” to “Custom” in order to be able to use it here. The appearance of the Comments layer is the same as the Lower Third layer. Does this work for you?