Bug report. b5.8b1. Overload in source monitor with UVC Cam' scale filter

I connected a Sony camera via HDMI splitter to
A) blackmagic ultra recorder and
B) UVC capture card (China UC2500H Capture card usb 3.0).

As a result I have 2 input sources 1980x1080fps60.
Template of the ML is set to 1980x1080fps30.
Снимок экрана 2020-07-09 в 13.01.47
Снимок экрана 2020-07-09 в 13.03.01

I use the new Scale & transform filter to increase the frame size to 129% for both sources

  1. case A) blackmagic works perfectly, the resulting 30fps in source monitor. Scale filter does not increase the load in source monitor

  2. case B) UVC capture card increases to red overload and generates dozens of missed frames every second

It’s not the last beta bug, it’s the same behavior I’ve observed since the beginning of the scale & transform filter.

Perhaps this generation of dropped frames is clogging up the RAM. I would like to note that an open program weighs several gigabytes per day in the monitor activity, even if I don’t use the program and it hangs in the background of my work

  1. case Color correction filter increases to red overload too much

  2. The second FirePro card is never used by the Mimolive
    I have 10.15.6 macos, 3.5Gz 32 GB Mac Pro 2017 with Double FirePro 500 3Gb