Bug report. 5.8.b1-b4. Freeze .mp4/mov after sometime

I use short MP4s in loop mode as background for interview layers, placer, lower third background and as part of the playlist. After a few minutes that MP4 video stops playing.

i tried any videos (mov, mp4) + different lenght + different resolution, size, framerate

I tried reload, replace - the video doesn’t come to life.
I’ve tried copied into documents and absolute path - video doesn’t come back to life.

help only: i have to create a new source with this video and reassign it in all layers

(screencast) https://yadi.sk/i/oO07vrx09khT9A

(exact mp4) https://yadi.sk/i/uoy-123gGg-pfg

also strange in source monitor

Thank you for reporting this. We’re investigating.

one more 0-day crash report