Bug report. 5.8.b1-b4. Freeze .mp4/mov after sometime

I use short MP4s in loop mode as background for interview layers, placer, lower third background and as part of the playlist. After a few minutes that MP4 video stops playing.

i tried any videos (mov, mp4) + different lenght + different resolution, size, framerate

I tried reload, replace - the video doesn’t come to life.
I’ve tried copied into documents and absolute path - video doesn’t come back to life.

help only: i have to create a new source with this video and reassign it in all layers

(screencast) https://yadi.sk/i/oO07vrx09khT9A

(exact mp4) https://yadi.sk/i/uoy-123gGg-pfg

also strange in source monitor

Thank you for reporting this. We’re investigating.

one more 0-day crash report

Found some strange new behavior of freezing mp4 files.
MP4 as background animation in lower third layer is playing.
In the PREVIEW window is playing too.
BUT in video PROGRAM OUT it’s already frozen.

The crash is apparently due to the Blackmagic Desktop software 11.6. You should revert to 11.5.1.

Crashlog with BMD desktop software 11.5.1

not solved
After a few hours of mimo - aka zoom source:

  • mp4/mov files that are installed as background under the titles layer in an infinite loop - stop playing.
  • If I make a duplicate of this video file and replace it with the old one, it starts working.
    I think it is related to some buffer or memory overflow, because I use mimolive for hours.
    example screencast