bug report 4b34

  1. Mimocall. How to mute guest? Only by switching off layer with mimocall source? I need to mute 1 guest, when 2 guest is talking for example. Why you dont make audio source for mimocall?

  2. Browser Windows Source. Dont work video on youtube. Dont work sound from browser (how to show youtube, instagram, vimeo videos with sound?)

  3. Windows capture source is lagging even when i chooseв small area of cropping. Please make it usefull as earlier because it is important source for many people^ also for capturing skype / hangouts and i know than apple approved many h.264 core processes at same time (which you said was problem earlier)


@did Thank you for your feedback.

  1. I recommend to use an Audio Only layer to operate the sound of a mimoCaller. This way you can easily mute the audio. You can select the mimoCall as an audio source.

  2. We are currently working on improving the Web Browser Capture source, especially with regards to performance. Capturing sound is also on our todo list, but is more difficult since the Web View doesn’t simply provide the sound to the embedding application.

However, we will not be able to make it work with video platforms. Due to DRM restrictions, Apple does some magic so that the video is only rendered on screen and applications like Screen recorders or mimoLive can’t capture it that way.

  1. We are investigating this issue.

BTW, Skype is soon providing a very cool way to capture Skype calls via NDI. The current Skype technology preview already provides video but for some reason, audio is missing, but I’m sure that will be in one of the next versions.

  1. there is no mimocall audio variant.

  2. if you will repair windows capture, you dont need to invest your time in web browser capture. Because all real tasks with any browsers (video, audio, sites) solve with windows capture. Also, if i select (change focus by mouse) from open web browser capture to any layer/place - web browser stop working animation of opened site (browser, video, gifs - thats so bad). I hope you’ll solve windows capture issues and it will be fine enough

  3. please, please, please
    BTW skype via NDI ok, but it is but this is a complication of switching and designing templates and i dont use NDI

and this does not solve the problem with the need for hangouts/any video messengers

@did Regarding mimoCall Audio. I meant to set up an “Audio Only” layer in the Layer Stack with the mimoCall selected as a source.


  1. The Web Browser Capture source has different use cases than the Window Capture. For example, it can render transparent websites to create an overlay graphics. In order to achieve this, having a defined size for the web site view makes things easier. The issue with the rendering stopping is a bug, thanks for reporting this.

  2. NDI makes it so much easier to capture Skype calls, almost as easy as using mimoCall. For example, you’ll get every caller as a separate video input. You’re correct that this will not work for Hangouts and other video messengers.

Hello guys i have a really big issue. I’m using mimolive’s web browser to capyure a stream from Ustream but in the browser you see the video but after dragging the source over to the layer stack the screen is black where the video should be. please check that out. Ustream in particular. youtube is fine. thank you

@Zairo243 Thank you for using mimoLive. This is a known issue, as Apple prevents the web view from showing video from those platforms to avoid DRM issues. They do some special magic so that the video shows up on screen but not on screen capture, window capture or browser capture. Can you please send me a screen shot and the URL you try to grab to verify that we are indeed talking about this issue?


@“Oliver (Boinx)” I love Mimolive and i’m so proud of this software, However i was literally forced into using Wirecast because it’s windos capture is soo much smoother on the setup i have. I use mimolive for sooo much and i playout through My BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle. For some strange reason wirecast setup is so much smoother than it is with mimolive and i hate (Wirecast, OBS, VMIX). These are what some of my affiliates use and we all agree that mimolive is soo much better with out the glitches. Window catpure in mimolive uses sooo muuch of my computer’s resources that i just start Lagging-Freezing-Sticking. Please i beg you guys to please fix this. in 20 minutes My playout to My Intensity shuttle had 2158 Dropped frames. ah mean… WHAT!!! What is going on. please help!! I need mimolive to work.

+1 all we need is windows captures. also hate wirecast, obs, vmix

@did @Zairo243 Thank you for your feedback.

We have been testing the web browser and window capture source.

The offscreen web browser capturing (when the panel is not shown) has problems because of a Apple bug/feature which slows window capturing for WebViews when they are not onscreen. We have found a solution.

We are also working on repairing the window capture source. It has a higher priority than the web browser source.

Thank you for your support and patience.