Bug report 3.2b1 : Window captures, artefacts, remote control crash stream

13 Macbook pro 2017,i7 3,5 ghz, 16 RAM, Iris 650, high sierra 10.13.2

Stream to facebook 4mbs, 720p, Ethernet Lan 100Mbt

1… tests remote controls:
a) desktop safari/chrome ->While switching layers in the middle of the stream live!!! - mimolive was freezed (Fully non-responsive interface + Rotating color icon of the sun, but broadcasting was continue long time!!!) -> I had to hard reset

b) ipad safari/chrome remote-> same
c) ipad remote control mimoRemote app -> same

2… because of I use skype because it simultaneously can show images of several guests (2-3) on one screen window at same time. I will mark each guest with a rectangular zone in the settings of window capture source.


I divide the screen into 3 zones and show myself from the laptop camera and two guests as window capture layers

Early versions with such a scheme led to a CPU load of up to 80-90% and the frame frame began to drop.

Current Version 3.2b1 (23747) = CPU load 70% but there were artifacts on my built-in camera source and gives a slight delay of me, although Skype’ windows capture displays guests normally. no red lines in render monitors, no fps drops in streaming monitor