Bug or i broke mimolive?..ndi & virtual camera not working together!

Ok guys i found myself a very weird problem in mimolive while trying to fix another problem i encountered with skype. Skype doesn’t allow me to flip/mirror the camera(virtual Camera) the way Zoom does so i figured mimolive can fix that…


I thought well since mimolive is so amazing there has to be a way to flip the video in mimolive first before it goes to skype… Mind you i do not want to flip my main program that i am going to stream, i only want to flip the program going to skype via the virtual camera, so i decided to put a NDI output right below the vitual camera destination theennn make an NDI source in the sources panel of mimolive to get a return video of the program because once it is in the sources panel i can most certainly flip it using the “Flip Flop” Filter. So i added the filter to the NDI source and made the horizontal flip and it all seemed to be going as planned, i then went over to the output destination and changed the virtual camera “Video” from program out to the NDI source which has the Flip Flop Filter. Then that is where the plan fell through and the bug appeared. Everything worked well up to that point, the virtual camera output went black in skype and the Virtual camera RED Icon started to do this sporadic flickering like its connecting to skype and disconnecting over and over and over and over again.

@Oliver_Boinx @Achim_Boinx Hello guys is that a bug or did i use it wrong in a way it was not intended?

This is a reproducible bug, thanks for reporting! :slight_smile: I hope we can fix it in the next version.

However: Why are you trying to flip the video in the first place? Often people think because text is mirrored in Skype in their own video preview that they need to flip the image to make it “correct”. But this is completely normal behaviour of Skype and all other video conference softwares: They preview your own video mirrored for you so that you have better confidence when pointing around with your fingers because your brain is trained that way (by looking in an actual mirror in the bathroom all the time). The video WON’T BE mirrored for your conference partners! So: If you send a flipped video to Skype you will see your self (and text) “correctly” but your conference partners will see everything mirrored instead! Does this make sense?

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OOH Ok i didnt know that. What im doing are tests for an upcoming conference so thanks for sharing that.