BUG: mimocalls geometry changes with source resolution

If I apply a mask to a mimocall layer, and I change its geometry (position, zooming, cropping, etc.)
and then I connect to the guest, that position is chaning in the few seconds when the mimocall gets a better signal.
Example: I do my positioning with a placeholder or a test remote guest. I save everything. When I then launch the “true” guest, the image appears in a different position… then in a few seconds the image gets a better resolution, and it finally goes into the real position that I decided beforehand.
If for some reason the connection drops quality, it goes back to a different position.

It goes without saying that if I position and zoom a mimocall I expect it to stay there :slight_smile:
If the resolution/quality changes, then it should change inside the layer (or mask), not also taking into account the overall geometry.

thanks and keep up with the great work on this amazing software!

Hi @fermento This is a WebRTC “feature”. You can work around it by using a “Scale and Transform” filter on the mimoCall.

thank you Oliver,
but is it really a feature? I don’t think anyone likes a window getting automatically resized in its show.
Do you think you can consider switching this behaviour and keeping the size the same, but maybe letting the WebRTC increase the quality?
Or at least having an option to select between the two behaviours?