BUG: Layer variants transitions ignore the stack order

Scenario: I have many full screen graphics as variants of a “Placer with Transition” layer. Each variant has the same “In Transition” (a wipe) and the “Out Transition” is set to “Same as incoming”

Problem: if I click a variant to go live with the transition, I can see the new transition starting from scratch and the old graphic disappear with a cut. the result is an abrupt and very bad transition. It is impossible in this way to have e.g. a sequence of full screen graphics that need to appear with the same wipe one after another, because when I switch to each next one, the previous one is quickly cut with a “flash”.

Solution: when I click each variant, the layer should honour the order of the stack. So if I click a variant that is in an higher level than the previous one, the new transition should “appear over” the old variant, instead of substituting it.

Even better for me, I’d love the previous variant to support it’s OUT TRANSITION before allowing the incoming variant’s IN TRANSITION. That way I’d get a clean wipe, push or dissolve within a layer. You can do this between layers using a layer set but NOT within a layer.

exactly, there should be options for these behaviours, so many possibilities!

this is NOT fixed in 5.10 final release

I wonder how everyone can work with this behaviour on the layer variants.
am I missing something?
when I click/switch from a layer variant to another, the out transition is ignored.
this means I can’t have a proper x-dissolve between two layer variants.
the only workaround is to create a separate layer instead of a variant, but I would end up with 40 more layers… not practical!

this really need a urgent fix…

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