BUG: "image source" name instead of actual filename

mimolive 5.10.1

sometimes, when I drag an image (JPG, PNG) into the Sources, the thumbnail name reports “image source” instead of the real filename.
It’s happening often, but I can’t find the reason, I tried different filenames but the pattern of the bug seems random.
never happened on other versions of mimoLive

Had the same recently. Discovered it was because I used brackets [] in the filename. Removed them and then it was OK.

Do you have brackets in the filename as well?

first thing I checked was the filename, indeed.
but no, the name is a plain single “name.jpg” no weird characters

I agree. I did additoonale tests and I had other instances with names without brackets and they also appear incorrect in the list. Version 5.10. Maybe @Oliver_Boinx or @Achim_Boinx knows why? And how to avoid/fix?

Thanks for reporting! In my test this happens if you dragging in the same file twice. Can you confirm this behaviour?