Bug. Dont show mp4/mov in placer preview mimolive 5.6

bug with playing video in preview and later in program out also.

tried on macbook pro 2017 and on mac pro 2013 in diffferennt mimolive templates.

mimolive restart is helpful, but during stream or NDI program out -mp4 or mov file stopped showing and in live placer and in preview of placer

i use looped mp4 as background
how it looks like

Sorry for the trouble! Usually mimoLive should be able to play back mp4 files. Please can you send us a sample movie file which didn’t work for you to support@boinx.com ?

All of my different 9:16 mp4 video did stop play in preview. I downloaded it from pinterest.com site, didnt convert.
Also you can see at screenshot, that file size shown as 0x0, but size shown in sources is normal
Earlier i uploaded mp4 with “ocean waves”, need one more?