BUG: CountDown layer has no transition?

is there a specific for the CountDown layer to not have a transition?

I usually use the Stopwatch layer as a countdown for coffee breaks during conferences, but I was trying the CountDown and it would be more versatile for one simple reason: I could simply program the exact time, so if the previous session goes a bit longer, the countdown will anyways show the next session starting time and I won’t have to adjust it manually on the fly. great!
but I’m seeing there is no transition layer, which is a bit of dealbreaker.

I usually call up a LayerSet made with a graphic background + Stopwatch, in this case I was going to replace it with the CountDown – then the background will nicely crossdissolve but not the CountDown layer.
Can we have a transition option in this layer as well, please?

Hello there, @fermento,

I thought about a couple of possible workarounds. Assuming you have your countdown layer on top of a regular placer layer, which you are using for your graphic background, you can:

– make a copy of your placer layer (the one with the graphic background)
– put this copied layer above the countdown layer
– set your transition in the copied layer (a dissolve, for example)
– use the automation layer to do something like this:

layerOn (copied layer)
sleep(0.5) ← this has to be slightly longer than the transition time
layerOff (background layer) ← you can use a “cut” transition since it will be hidden
layerOff (countdown layer) ← this one is set to “cut” by default
sleep(0.5) ← can be faster if you want
layerOff (copied layer)

This way, your countdown will dissolve, followed by the background layer, and layers below will be smoothly revealed.

If you want both layers to look like they dissolved simultaneously, you can make a copy of the layer below your graphic background instead. Then, follow the same steps.

Best regards,

thank you @profgustavoreis for helping.
I’m afraid this would be a bit too much of a hassle in my huge document, I basically need to duplicate many layers and it looks a bit complicated.
lastly, I never played with the automation layer and I’m in the middle of some events and that’s not the right time to start :sweat_smile:
but this gives me another idea for a new global feature request…

I highly recommend the Automation layer! It’s very simple and incredibly powerful at the same time!

scripting isn’t exactly my thing…
but I might try sooner or later… do you have any useful resource for trying something?

mimoLive’s own:

Check it out!

(By the way, if you add an Automation layer to your document, it will include a “demo” script that makes a placer layer “ blink” four times, and it will also display the available commands in mimoLive’s preview window.)

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