BUG: Boxcast connector not showing events to stream to (v5.9.1)

We just updated to 5.9.1 from 5.8, and the Boxcast connector appears to have broken. Upon authorizing the connector, the upcoming events are not shown (the event dropdown just shows “None”). When we discovered the issue this AM before our first service, we manually connected to Boxcast via the RTMP settings, which worked fine.

I tried removing the live stream output destination from our standing show file, and re-adding a fresh output destination, but it still does not display available broadcasts to stream to via the Boxcast connector, and I had to configure manually. Also today, we had significant issues with streaming bit-rate… at times it dropped to only a couple hundred kbps. All throughout our service this AM Mimo kept reporting internet connection issues. When I tested our upload / download speed outside Mimo, all seemed normal. I know there are many factors from end-to-end, but in the past year and a half using MimoLive, we’ve never experienced any signifigant bandwidth issues. The only thing that has changed recently was our updating from 5.8 to 5.9.1. Going to do more testing this week. If I can reproduce the issues during the week, I may roll back to 5.8 as a test, to see if the issues remain.

What bit rate are you using for your streams?

When we have previously used the Mimo BoxCast connector, I don’t recall having to specify that (maybe it is pre-configured or automatic? I’ll have to take a look next time I am in front of the software.) Yesterday, when I had to manually configure use RTMP settings, BoxCast suggested a bitrate in their event RTMP setup. I’ll have to look back and see what that was.

Circling back to this… seems the week this happened, we were having bandwidth / upload speed issues with our ISP. Because the auto-connection to BoxCast in MimoLive is not working, we went to the BoxCast event and grabbed the RTMP settings. The problem was that BoxCast does a quick bandwidth test before giving the recommended RTMP settings. And since our upload speed at that moment was slow, it gave us a very low recommended bitrate, which we plugged into MimoLive.

Our ISP bandwidth has been back to normal, and we have been setting our bitrate at a more normal level (6000kbps for 1080p30 stream.) However, we still have been getting occasional bitrate warnings, that we haven’t really seen in the past.

Looks like the Boxcast connector is still broken in MimoLive 5.10. After authenticating to Boxcast, no events are listed to stream to. We have to use Custom RTMP Server instead, or roll back to 5.8 where this functionality last was functional.